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Dynamic Yield empowers you to deliver personalized mobile experiences and tackle fundamental experience challenges with ease. Click an Experience to preview it on your site.

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Serve a variety of targeted messages and optimized layouts to nudge conversions. Display page-peel notifications with targeted offers to price sensitive consumers.

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Start Creating Better Experiences for People Today

Deploy True End-to-End Journey Personalization with Ease

Increase Marketing Agility Without Burdening IT

Empower your marketing teams by giving them the ability to conceive, build and deliver personalized experiences without ongoing IT help. Easily use a library of predefined templates of high impact use cases.

Unlock Your Data, and Let it Drive Digital Experiences

Data is in our DNA. With Dynamic Yield, you can onboard data from any source: first party, second-party, third-party, CRM data, loyalty programs and more. Build robust customer segments you can act on in real-time with the industry’s most flexible data management platform.

We were blown away by how quickly the Dynamic Yield team allowed us to personalize our website. In weeks, we were independently delivering unique experiences without increasing the burden on IT.
Kelly Park- ibex
Dynamic Yield has saved us countless hours of development time and allowed us to reimagine the Fjallraven onsite experience for different consumer profiles.
Sam Minassian- Fjallraven